Accessing Transcripts

Learn how to find and download session transcripts.

Transcripts are written records of all the dialogue spoken during a Wordly session. Transcripts are available to users that select the “Private Transcripts'' option when adding a session.

Some points about transcripts:

  • Transcripts are only accessible for the account holder that set up a session, and are created whenever their connection to a session is ended (rather than the session itself). If you create a session and join it multiple times, each time will have its own transcript.

  • Transcripts don’t contain translated dialogue. They are word-for-word records of the spoken dialogue only. If the presenter spoke in English, the transcript will also be in English.

  • For sessions with multiple languages, the transcript will reflect the source languages as they were transcribed.

  • At the moment transcripts can’t be shared within Wordly. If you want to share a transcript, you must download it first.

The Transcripts page

When you first log in to Wordly, you’ll automatically start on the Dashboard:

Wordly’s Dashboard

To access the Transcripts page, move the mouse to the left side of the screen and click on Transcripts ( Transcripts nav button ), as seen here:

Worldy dashboard with transcripts nav

Once you’re on the Transcripts page, select a session from the list on the left side of the screen. An accompanying Transcript will appear on the right, as seen here:

Transcripts page

You can search for a specific session or a range of sessions using the filters on the left side of this page.

Transcripts have two functions: Deleting, and Downloading.

Deleting transcripts

To delete a transcript, click the trashcan button ( Transcripts Download Button ) in the top right corner of the transcript.

Downloading transcripts

Transcripts can be downloaded individually in three different formats. To choose a format, move the mouse cursor to hover over the download button ( Transcripts Download Button ).

  • Click the file button ( Download Plaintext with timestamps ) to download a transcript as a plaintext file with timestamps.

  • Click the plaintext button ( Download Plaintext ) to download a transcript as a simple plaintext file.

  • Click the camera button ( Download VTT ) to download a transcript as a .VTT file (typically used by Youtube, Vimeo and others for subtitles).

Downloading multiple transcripts

To download more than one transcript at a time you first need to search through your sessions using the filters on the left-half of the screen.

After you’ve located the sessions you want, click the Options dropdown ( Transcripts Options dropdown ) in the top-right corner of the page, and choose the format of the transcripts to be downloaded:

Download multiple transcripts format window