Languages Supported by Wordly

Wordly supports a number of languages and the codes for each language are listed below.

Speaker Languages

These language codes can be used in all Wordly integrations and APIs:

Language Code Language Name
bn Bengali
zh-CN Chinese (Simplified)
zh-TW Chinese (Traditional)
nl Dutch
en English (US)
en-AU English (AU)
en-GB English (UK)
fr French (FR)
fr-CA French (CA)
de German
hi Hindi
it Italian
ja Japanese
ko Korean
pt Portuguese (PT)
pt-BR Portuguese (BR)
ru Russian
es Spanish (ES)
es-MX Spanish (MX)

Attendee Languages

Along with the languages above, these languages are supported in the Attend iframe and endpoints:

Language Code Language Name
ar Arabic
cs Czech
he Hebrew
id Indonesian
pl Polish
ro Romanian
sv Swedish
tl Tagalog
ta Tamil
th Thai
vi Vietnamese