Accessing Transcripts

Learn how to find and download session transcripts

Transcripts are written records of all the dialogue spoken during a Wordly session. Transcripts are available to users that select the “Private Transcripts” option when adding a session.

Some points about transcripts:

  • Transcripts are only accessible for the account holder that set up a session, and are created whenever their connection to a session is ended (rather than the session itself). If you create a session and join it multiple times, each time will have its own transcript.

  • Transcripts don’t contain translated dialogue. They are word-for-word records of the spoken dialogue only. If the presenter spoke in English, the transcript will also be in English.

  • For sessions with multiple languages, the transcript will reflect the source languages as they were transcribed.

  • At the moment transcripts can’t be shared within Wordly. If you want to share a transcript, you must download it first.

The Transcripts Page

When you first log in to Wordly, you’ll automatically start on the Dashboard:

Wordly’s Dashboard

To access the Transcripts page, move the mouse to the left side of the screen and click on Transcripts ( Transcripts nav button ):

Worldy dashboard with transcripts nav

Once you’re on the Transcripts page, select a session from the list on the left side of the screen. An accompanying Transcript will appear on the right, as seen here:

Transcripts page

You can search for a specific session or a range of sessions using the filters on the left side of this page.

Transcripts have two functions: Deleting, and Downloading.

Deleting transcripts

To delete a transcript, click the trashcan button ( Transcripts Download Button ) in the top right corner of the transcript.

Downloading transcripts

Transcripts can be downloaded in four different formats.

  • Plaintext file with timestamps

  • Simple plaintext files

  • VTT files

  • SRT files

To download individual transcripts, select the desired session and click the download button ( Transcripts Download Button ). This will bring up a window where you can choose the download file’s format.


Sometimes, recorded audio and transcript timestamps do not sync up. Offsetting timestamps of a downloaded transcript allows you to alter the timecode when the transcript begins. This is helpful for assuring subtitles will align with your recordings.

To do this, in the Download Transcripts window, click in the box under “Add timestamp offset” then type however many seconds you’d like the words to be offset by.

You can offset the transcript by either negative or positive numbers. Be aware that, in VTT and SRT formats, negative offsets may cause the words at the beginning of the transcript to be dropped.

Download Transcripts Menu Offset Timestamp Box

For example, if you offset the transcript by -1, any subtitles derrived from the transcript would start one second earlier than before. Meanwhile, offsetting the transcript by 2 would lead to the transcript beginning 2 seconds after the original.

Include Speaker Names

If you tick the box “Include speaker names,” the names of the speakers will appear in the transcript when the speaker changes. If there is only one speaker, then no names will appear. If you do not click “Include speaker names”, no matter how many speakers are in the audio, their names will not appear in the transcript.

Downloading multiple transcripts

To download more than one transcript at a time you first need to search through your sessions using the filters on the left-half of the screen.

After you’ve located your desired sessions, click the Options dropdown ( Transcripts Options dropdown ) in the top-right corner of the page, and click Download selected ( Download selected ). A dialogue box will open, allowing you to choose the format of the transcripts to be downloaded:

Download format window

Translating Transcripts

Subscribers to Wordly Pro and up are additionally able to translate Session Transcripts.

  1. In Transcripts ( Transcripts nav button ), select your Session.

Transcript nav bar

  1. Click Translate ( Translate button ) to bring up the language selection window.

Transcript language select

  1. Select the languages to which Wordly should translate your transcript.

A cancellation button will appear at the bottom when translation begins. To cancel, you can also hover your mouse over a specific language and click the X that will appear to the right.

A percentage will show next to the selected language(s), and “Translation in Progress” along with a progress bar will show at the bottom of the window.

Translation progress bar

Translation will continue if you click Close.

  1. After a few minutes, the translation will be complete.

  2. Click Original ( Original dropdown button “Original dropdown button”) to select your translated Transcripts.

  3. Selecting a language, your Transcript text will change to that language.

You can click the same button to return to the original Transcript.

Wordly Pro users are also able to download translated transcripts. The transcripts must be translated before you attempt to download them.