Downloading QR Codes

How to download session QR codes

Wordly offers QR codes as a quick and simple way to join a session. These QR codes can be downloaded in multiple formats for ease of use at meetings and conferences.

In Sessions ( Session Nav Button ), select your target session.

Click Attendee Shortcuts to expand the box and reveal the URL and QR code. To the right of the QR code, click the download button ( Session Download Button Icon ).

Attendee Shortcuts QR Code Download

This will bring up a new window with three options for downloading format:

  • QR code alone
  • QR code with passcode
  • QR code with instructions

Each will download as a .zip file. Inside will be a folder labeled session_qr_codes, which will contain a PDF with your QR code in your chosen format.

The QR code alone PDF will include the QR code as well as the URL to the session.

If your session requires an attendee passcode, you can use the “Download with passcode” option to create QR codes with the passcode built in or with the passcode provided below the QR code. See Adding a Session for how to create a session that requires a passcode.

The QR code with instructions PDF will present three illustrated steps to opening and attending the session. 1. Scan QR code or go to the URL. 2. Choose language and click attend. 3. Use headset on your phone for audio or read transcript on your device.

QR code with instructions

Downloading Multiple QR Codes

You can download multiple sessions’ QR codes at once. If you select multiple sessions, the option to download QR codes will appear on the right. Clicking the download button will bring up a window with the three format options. Note that when “QR code with instructions” is selected, sessions that require a passcode will not be included because they require the user to take additional steps to attend.

Multiple Sessions Select Screen

Printing QR Codes

To the right of the download button is the print button ( Print QR Code Icon ). Clicking this will bring up a new browser window with the QR code.