Setup Guides

Welcome to the Wordly Knowledge Center!

Here is a collection of guides about how to use Wordly effectively in a variety of different situations. If you still have questions, please contact us at

Capturing Audio for Wordly with Any Platform

How to set up audio for Wordly translation in a non-integrated video conference platform

Cvent Widget

Integrating Wordly with your Cvent session.

In-Person Session Setup

How to set up Wordly for in-person meetings

Restoring Original Sound in Zoom

Learn how to restore Zoom’s “Original Sound” audio setting

Use Wordly with Google Meet

Learn how to integrate Wordly with your Google Meet call

Webex Support and Wordly

Learn how to use Wordly effectively in a Webex meeting or webinar

Displaying Wordly On a Monitor

How to use Wordly Display to display your Wordly session on a monitor.