Webex Support and Wordly

Learn how to use Wordly effectively in a Webex meeting or webinar

Wordly can be seamlessly integrated into Webex to enable meeting and Webinar attendees to participate in the language of their choice. Follow the instructions below to integrate Wordly into your Webex platform.

This guide covers:

  • Configurations of your settings on Webex
  • Initiating Wordly from a meeting or Webinar
  • Displaying real-time translation or transcription
  • Hearing audio in translated language

To use Wordly with Webex, you’ll need the following:

  1. A Wordly account with available minutes.

  2. A valid Webex account with administrator credentials. These are necessary to enable features on the Webex platform. (Contact your Webex administrator if you have any questions or need permissions on your Webex account).


Step 1 - Create a Wordly session

Create a session on the Wordly Portal for the same time as your meeting/webinar. If you’re unsure how to create a session, check out the Adding a Session article first.

Take note of the Session ID and access key for the session you just created. See below for what to look for:

Session ID and session access key

Step 2 - Enable “Other Streaming Services” in Webex

  1. Sign in to your Webex account as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to Common Settings > Site Options > Live Streaming Providers and check the Other streaming services box:

    Webex Live Streaming Providers Menu

Step 3 - Enable “Live Streaming” in Webex for individual users

Check out the section at the bottom of this Webex support article to learn how to enable live streaming for individual users.

Step 4 - Start your meeting or Webinar

Step 5 - Start “Live Streaming” for your meeting

  1. When you initiate Live Streaming in Webex, a window will appear asking for service information for “Other streaming services”. Enter the following info:

    • Streaming Service: Wordly
    • Target stream link: rtmps://media.wordly.ai/live
    • Target stream key: Wordly Session ID_Wordly Session Pass Key. See the following Example: ETOE-9747_298157
  2. Click on Start streaming.

    Webex start Live Streaming

  3. Select Share > Share Multimedia from the Webex menu:

    Webex share multimedia menu

  4. Enter the following URL to share : https://attend.wordly.ai/enter/SESSION-ID

    Webex share multimedia

  5. The audience can now pick the language of the translation they see by clicking on gear button ( Settings button ) and selecting a language:

    Wordly in Webex

Setting a language for the audience

Follow the steps below if the audience wants to hear the translation in a specific language.

  1. In Webex, click on Multimedia Viewer and select Audio Connection:

    Webex multimedia viewer menu

  2. Click Disconnect:

    Webex audio connection menu

  3. Unmute the speaker icon on the Wordly multi-media window

    Webex unmuting the speaker

Users should now be able to hear the translated audio.

Known limitations:

  1. All meeting conversations should happen only in one language.

  2. Translation quality will be significantly affected if people speak in a language other than what is selected by the host as the default language for the meeting.

  3. There is an inherent delay between when a speaker completes a sentence and the sentence being correctly translated into another language.

  4. Transcripts are only accessible to the host and in the default language the meeting is hosted in.