Things to check when the Wordly App for Zoom isn’t working

The Wordly translation session won’t start in Zoom.

  1. Are you the Zoom meeting host, and did you schedule this meeting? Only the Zoom host who scheduled the meeting can start a translation session.
  2. Have you linked your Wordly and Zoom accounts? A Wordly account that is linked with your Zoom account is required to start a translation session (See Link with your Wordly account).
  3. Do you have enough minutes in your Wordly account?
  4. Is your internet connection stable?
  5. If you’ve previously started a Wordly translation session in this meeting, you may need to wait a minute or two before trying again.
  6. Have you enabled live streaming in your Zoom account settings (See Enable Live Streaming)?
  7. Are you in a breakout room? Breakout rooms are not supported at this time because audio cannot be streamed from them.

Translation quality is poor.

  1. Is the speaker language set to the language your presenter is speaking in (see Managing the Speaker’s Language)?
  2. Have you enabled “Original Sound” in your Zoom preferences (see Use Original Sound)?
  3. Are you using a microphone close to your face?
  4. Are participants enunciating, speaking at a moderate pace, and occasionally pausing between sentences?
  5. Have you minimized background noise (music, traffic, etc.)?
  6. Are speakers taking turns (not talking over each other)?
  7. Does the speaker have a stable internet connection?
  8. Have you created a personal glossary to cover unusual terms, people names, product names, jargon in your field (see Glossaries)?

Wordly minutes are being consumed faster than expected.

  1. Have you ended the Wordly session when you’re done with translation? Minutes will continue to be consumed until the Wordly session or Zoom meeting is ended. (See Ending a Session)
  2. Have you purchased enough minutes to meet your team’s needs?

The Wordly App for Zoom won’t load.

  1. Check the Prerequisites to ensure that your account and OS are capable of running Zoom Apps.

The Wordly App for Zoom says it is reconnecting.

This message will appear if the app is unable to communicate with the Wordly service over the Internet. The app will continually attempt to reconnect when in this state.

  1. Check your network connection and ensure that you are connected to the Internet.
  2. Try leaving the Wordly session and rejoining it.
  3. Check the Wordly Statuspage to see if Wordly is currently experiencing downtime.

The Wordly App for Zoom says that live streaming is disabled for meetings.

  1. Ensure that you have enabled live streaming in your Zoom account settings (See Enable Live Streaming). You will need to refresh the app after enabling live streaming.

The Wordly App for Zoom says that breakout rooms are not supported.

Unfortunately, breakout rooms are currently not supported. In order to provide real-time translations, the Wordly App for Zoom needs access to the audio stream which is currently not available in breakout rooms.

You will need to leave the breakout room in order to continue using the Wordly App for Zoom normally,

I’ve accidentally linked to the wrong Wordly account or need to use a different one.

It is very easy to link to a different account from within the Wordly App for Zoom. First, unlink your existing Wordly account and then link to the other Wordly account that you want to use.