Frequently asked questions about the Wordly App for Zoom

1) What languages does Wordly support?

Wordly supports a wide variety of languages. See supported languages for a complete list.

2) Can Wordly understand different user accents?

Yes. Wordly can understand different speaker accents. Wordly’s AI models are trained with datasets that include speakers from different areas that speak each language.

3) Can participants change the language they want to read along in?

Yes. While in a session, attendees can change to any of the supported languages at any time without exiting the session. See Choosing a Language for more information.

4) Do I need a Wordly account to use the Wordly App for Zoom?

Depends. If you are only joining a Wordly translation session being hosted by someone else, then a Wordly account is not needed.

However, if you wish to host a Wordly translation session within your own Zoom meeting for others to join, then you must have a Wordly account and have enough minutes to run the session.

5) How can I access meeting transcripts?

The host can choose to save or not save a transcript of each Wordly session. The transcripts can be found in the Wordly Portal and can be downloaded in several formats: plain text, text with timestamps, and closed caption compatible Web VTT.

To download a transcript, the host can go to their Wordly account at https://portal.wordly.ai, select “Transcripts” from the left hand menu, locate the session in question, and click the download button.

6) Can I get transcripts in other languages?

Transcripts are only accessible to the host in the original languages spoken during the meeting.

7) Can I listen to translations during a session?

The Wordly App for Zoom does not currently support spoken output in translated languages.

However, the browser based attend.wordly.ai interface does support spoken output. This interface is accessible via the “Live on Wordly” streaming links. See Wordly in a Browser for more information.

8) Does the Wordly App for Zoom work in breakout rooms?

Unfortunately, the Wordly App for Zoom does not support Zoom breakout rooms at this time. In order to provide translations, Wordly needs access to the audio stream, which Zoom does not make available in breakout rooms.

9) Can I use the Wordly App for Zoom on my iOS and/or Android devices?

Yes! As of version 1.6.0, the Wordly App for Zoom can be opened within the official Zoom client app on mobile devices.