Track Speaker Language

Have the meeting host keep the Wordly App for Zoom informed about the current speaker language so that Wordly will perform at its best

It is very important that the Wordly app knows the language that the current speaker is using. The most common problem when translation seems extremely poor is that these languages are not in sync.

Track Speaker Languages

  • Speakers should use one language at a time and consistently speak that language. It is unfair to any interpreter to switch languages mid-sentence or mid-paragraph.
  • For multilingual meetings, the host should ask participants to raise their hand when they want to speak. They should also request a new language when they want to switch so the host can change languages accordingly.
  • For large meetings, have attendees raise their hand and send language requests via Q&A.
  • The host must change the speaker language (the language Wordly expects to hear and translate from) every time the speaker changes to a new language. Wordly will adjust within a couple of seconds. See Managing the Speaker’s Language for more information.